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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors Serves Two Organizations:

Directors are elected to serve on two boards: the Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA), and the Lakewood Holding Company (LHC), which controls the Lakewood Oak Country Club.  The board is responsible for and legally required to make fiduciary decisions in the best interest of both organizations equally.

Elections for Board Members are Held Annually

Candidates may file in January each year, and elections are held in April. Please click here (Election Page coming soon) to learn more about the election process.

Have a question? Want more information, or to reach out to a board member? See contact information below each member and we will try to respond in a timely manner.


Debbie Stalnaker

Debbie Stalnaker

President (At Large)
Liaison to Facilities Development Committee
Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Vice-President (West Lake)
Liaison to Activities Committee
Larry Fields

Larry Fields

Secretary (At Large)
Liaison to Insurance Committee

James Treu

Treasurer (Multi-Family)
Liaison to Multi-family Parcels
Interim Liaison to Finance Committee


Kim Curran

(At Large)
Liaison to Food and Beverage & Golf Committee

Andrew Crocker

(At Large)
Liaison to Appeals Committee

Rob Regier

(At Large)
Liaison to ARB/ARC Committee
Tom Maloney

Tom Maloney

(East Lake)
Dave Petet

Dave Petet

(At Large)
Liaison to Lake Use Committee

Administrative Committees


Judy Alyea


Steve White


Barb Burns


Jon Snow

Advisory Committees


Meg Young


Dave Stackelhouse


Cathy Pec

Construction Materials Standards

Charles Ellis

Lake Use

Scott Lankford

Facilities Development

Emmett McClintock

Food & Beverage

Jahala Kinser

Parcel Chairs

Single Family Parcels

Multi-Family Parcels


Charlie Burnett

Villas at Lakewood

Dennis Owenby

Greens/Chapel Ridge

Charles Hart

Falls at Lakewood

Larry Cramer/Jeri Taul

Lakewood Shores

Ray Adams


Greg Leven


Charles Weatherman

Lakewood Forest

Laura Connelly

Lakewood Oaks

Jane Barber
Brandon Banks

Lakewood Pointe Villas

Cris Carpenter

Lakewood Shores Villas

Jim Hogan
Shirley Eslinger


Jack Littrell & Don Munce

Lakeshore Townhomes

Jerry Baxter & Sheri Hartman

Lakeshore Condos

Kevin Wiley

Lakewood Bay

Chris Farrell

The Landings

Doug Allen

Water's Edge

Kevin Ingram

Woods Chapel Ridge

Laura Kinder

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