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Pontoon Rentals Department

Pontoons are available to residents to rent throughout the summer. A contract and fee is required at the office.

Pontoon Rentals

Call to Reserve (816) 373-4326 or email

Pontoon Rentals in our Operating Budget

The Pontoon Rentals Department accounts for the revenue and expense of our company owned Pontoon Boats that are rented by members.

The operating budget allows for some payroll and expenses within Community Services personnel, to do the following:

    • Clean and maintain Two rental boats that are operated by Lakewood
    • Prepare them for rental, get them launched into the marina for residents
    • Connect with residents before and after sessions
    • Provide operations training to the rental customer
Pontoon Rentals

About Renting a Pontoon

Lakewood has two pontoon boats for residents to enjoy! Learn more about how to reserve a Pontoon Boat.

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