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With 2200 acres of land and facilities to maintain, there are extensive processes followed by the Maintenance Department. Below you can find a deep dive into many of our operations.

Lakewood Aquatic Center Playground

Pleasure Docks

The Maintenance department has been removing and replacing Pleasure Docks and Marina Docks.

Pleasure Dock Restoration Program | 2016 – 2026

During 2016, we began a 10 year project to replace and repair all the pleasure docks. At the end of 2024, we will be at the 70% completion rate for replacing all pleasure docks. View the spreadsheet tracker of all pleasure docks.

Funds allocated for this in 2024 are $106,651 plus $15,000 (LIP Budget Line Item III.c and d).

Parks and Playgrounds

There are 3 playgrounds in Lakewood:

    • East Lake Village
    • Cove Aquatic Center
    • Fairway Homes

Overhaul of the Fairway Homes Playground | 2024

During 2024, the Fairway Homes playground is scheduled for a complete removal and replacement, overhauling the equipment completely. Bidding and design process is taking place during Q1 of 2024, and the building process may be able to take place during Q3 or Q4.

Funds allocated for this in 2024 is $274,300. (LIP Budget Line Item III.i).

More about this project will be posted as progress is made in 2024.


Finances for the Maintenance Department

Under the Operating Budget, the Maintenance Department is responsible for managing the following budgets:

    • Pools (040)
    • Maintenance (045)
    • Lake Management (050)
    • Marinas (055)

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