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Realtors, Welcome to Lakewood!

Featuring sprawling lakes, a golf course, private restaurant, pools, athletic fields, and gorgeous scenery, Lakewood is one of the most sought after communities in Eastern Jackson County.

With 2400 homes, we help facilitate about 100-150 real estate transactions per year. Our staff is happy to accommodate, and make your buyers happy as we welcome them to the community.

What do you need to know for your Buyer?

Please find our closing information below, and reach out to with any questions.

For Real Estate/Title Company/Closing Inquiries:

Contact Cari Brown at or call (816) 373-4326.

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About Monthly Dues

Dues assessments are different based on many factors. Here are 2024 numbers:

Single Homes

Single Family Homes

Base dues assessment are $186.06/mo.


Multi-Family Homes

Base dues assessment are $148.85/mo.
(80% of Single Family homes)

Parcel Fees

Parcel Fees

Each Parcel has different dues based on the group maintenance needs of their Parcel. These are applied in addition to the Base Dues, for homeowners in their Parcel.

How to Find Governing Documents

Lakewood at Large:

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCC&Rs) were written in 1973. These documents apply to every homeowner. These documents, along with many others, can be found by going to our Governing Documents page.

They include:

    • DCCR’s
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • By-Laws
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Use Restrictions
    • ARB-ARC Guidelines
    • Policies

For Parcels:

There are 21 Parcels in Lakewood. Each Parcel has its own set of Governing Documents. Homeowners must abide by policies of both their parcel and Lakewood at Large. Not every home is inside a Parcel.

It is your duty to identify whether your home is inside a Parcel, and understand whether they have additional Governing Documents. If you’re unsure of what parcel your home is in, please contact Cari at

Find Documents below, or go to our Governing Documents page to learn more.

Governing Documents

New Member Fees

Admin Fees | $242.00

This charge is applied to the Buyer. This includes:

    • New Member processing fee
    • New Member Welcome Binder
    • New Owners ID Cards

Amenity Fees | $303.50/single family, $243.50/Multifamily

This charge is applied to the Buyer. This includes:

    • This goes into the reserve fund towards support of the overall amenities fund
    • This does not apply to existing Lakewood residents who are moving internally.

Multi-Family Insurance Fees | Fee Varies

Multi-Family households buy into group insurance for their Parcel. An insurance fee for one year will be collected by the Buyer. This fee will be applied to escrow as a deposit until the resident moves out of the property. This fee will vary based on the Parcel, contact for any questions.

Current Months Dues:

The current month’s dues may be prorated and will be impacted by the date of closing.

Other Fees:

There may be additional fees based on the closing date as compared to our monthly dues cycle, and other variables. Contact us to discuss.

Title Companies

When your Title Company contacts us, we’ll need the following information:

    • Property Address
    • Name of buyer
    • Closing Date

After we receive this information, we’ll send the Title Letter.

New Home Owner Instructions

Buyer and Seller Instructions for LPOA Membership Activation:

Please inform the Buyer(s) that Dues in the amount of $xxx (see above) are payable monthly via a monthly statement, provided by the LPOA. Dues are due the first of each month and are delinquent after the 28th of the month.

We ask that you please inform the Seller(s) not to use their Lakewood ID as any charges will now be reflected as belonging to the Buyer(s).

If the Seller(s) are purchasing other property within Lakewood, they need to come into our office to get the new account set up right away.

Please inform the Buyer(s) they need to come into our office to get their account set up before they will be able to use any of the amenities.

If they visit us right away, before we receive the check from you, they will need to bring with them a copy of the deed, settlement papers, or other proof of ownership on the property.

Buyer Instructions for Existing Residents Moving Within Lakewood:

If moving within Lakewood, existing residents will need to come to the office after closing, and fill out all new paperwork. Their ID cards and Account information will deactivate and need to start again.

Exceptions: If they are moving within Lakewood, their existing Boat Slip status will stay with them, whether they are on the waitlist or already have slip.

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