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Sail & Paddle Club

Lakewood Sail and Paddle Club is open to all Lakewood residents.

Have fun sailing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on Lakewood!

Membership Cost:

Enjoy unlimited use of the Clubs equipment (sailboats, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and canoes).

      • Single Membership: $50 /yr.
      • Family Membership: $75 /yr.
Equipment Locations:
      • East Lake & West Lake Marinas: Single and Tandem Kayaks & Stand-Up Paddle Boards
      • Cimarron/Spruce Racks:  Fishing Kayaks, Sailboats, Canoes, and Fishing Boats
Sail & Paddle Club
Have Questions?

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email us at or call Steve Bertken at (816) 830-1958.

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