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Elections Committee

“ELECTION COMMITTEE: The Board shall appoint an Elections Committee no later than three (3) months prior to the Annual Meeting. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, who may not be a Director, and members, none of whom shall be candidates for office. It shall be the duty of the Committee to:

(a) provide supervision of the nomination and election of Directors
in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board;
(b) assure timely announcement of election date to membership;
(c) ensure at least one candidate has been nominated for each
expiring seat on the Board;
(d) ensure distribution of absentee ballots;
(e) certify all ballots and proxies;
(f) certify and announce election results to membership.”

Administrative Committee
Lakewood Policy #3 | Committees

Committee Structure

The committee is an Administrative Committee, required by the ByLaws. Members vary from 6-12 members. The committee members serve for one year at a time, and are appointed annually. They will usually meet about twice per month, December through April, depending on the needs of the committee.

LPOA Election Committee

Committee Members

    • Committee Chair: Barbara Burns – 2022
    • Larry Pasquini – 2014
    • Mary Jane Porter – 2020
    • Tom Schmidt – 2022
    • Lisa McCarty – 2022
    • Michael Gregory – 2022
    • Staff Liaison: Mark Reid
2024 Elections

Interested in serving on this committee?

About Our Annual Elections

There are three (3) Board of Directors seats up for election every year in April.

All three seats are for three-year terms. If you are interested in committing yourself to a rewarding experience in service to your community and would like to play a role in the future of Lakewood, then you might want to consider declaring your candidacy for one of the open Board of Directors seats.

Run on Behalf of your Neighbors

However, the decision to serve on the LPOA Board of Directors is not yours alone. Those who will benefit from your leadership —- your Lakewood friends and neighbors —- will determine who represents them. Each year, during the annual election, LPOA members cast their ballots for the candidates they feel can best serve the community.

Those members who take the time to vote deserve an excellent slate of candidates to choose from. That means qualified candidates — LIKE YOU — need to declare their candidacy for the next election.

Board of Directors serve the LPOA and LHC

Election to the LPOA Board of Directors is also election to the Lakewood Holding Company (d/b/a Lakewood Oaks Country Club) Board of Directors. LHC is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPOA and therefore governed by the LPOA Board of Directors.

The Process of Running as a Candidate

Any LPOA member, in good standing, who is interested in running for one of the three open Board of Directors seats may pick up a “Petition for Candidacy” at the LPOA offices (651 NE St. Andrews Circle) in January (see the current year’s Election Timeline for a specific date).

Completed petitions (with at least 20 signatures of LPOA members in good standing), candidate questionnaires and pictures must be filed in LPOA offices by 5:00 PM in March (see the Election Timeline for specific dates).

All items on the “Candidate Questionnaire” should be answered. This information will be printed in the April Ripples. If you are interested in declaring your candidacy and/or have any questions, please call Nichole Melvin, at (816) 541-2447.

What is the Time Commitment of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly for public Board Meetings, and officers of the Board will meet monthly to prepare the agenda. Directors may be asked to serve as Board Liaisons on Committees, with varying degrees of meeting time.

How do you become a candidate?

Step 1

Pick up your candidate paperwork at the Clubhouse to get started! Collect 20 signatures on your Petition, and turn that in with your Candidate Questionnaire by March 6, 2024.

Step 2

Participate in election events scheduled by the Elections Committee, and share your leadership ideas with friends and neighbors.

Step 3

Attend the Annual Meeting in April for Voting Results!

Annual Board of Director Positions

There are 9 members of the Board of Directors. Candidates serve in 3 year terms. They are elected in April, and officially seated on the board during the May Board Meeting. There are always 6 directors who represent the community “At Large”, and 1 director who represents each of West Lake, East Lake, and Multi-Family. Below is the rotation schedule for future positions available, and the candidates who are currently serving in those positions:

3 Candidates are Elected Each Year to Serve 3-Year Terms

2021 Elected Candidates

Dave Petet – At Large
Larry Fields – At Large
Debbie Stalnaker – At Large

2022 Elected Candidates

Jon Snow – West Lake
Tom Maloney – East Lake
James Treu – Multi-Family

2023 Elected Candidates

Andrew Crocker – At Large
Kim Curran – At Large
Rob Regier – At Large

2024 Elected Candidates

Randy Wisthoff – At Large
Drew Reynolds – At Large
Marty Nevshemal – At Large

2025 Elected Candidates

TBD – West Lake
TBD – East Lake
TBD – Multi-Family

2026 Elected Candidates

TBD – At Large
TBD – At Large
TBD – At Large

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