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Mom’s Club

“Where Neighbors Become Friends”

Lakewood is a community with over 2300 homes. It features a sprawling lake, a beautiful golf course, 3 pools, multiple parks, tennis courts, a restaurant, and dozens of other amenities. When you live in a neighborhood so large – what better way to meet other families than through a Mom’s Club!

Any mom knows there’s a need for a lot of support during the early years, whether you work, stay at home, work part time, work from home, or otherwise. Moms need help and camaraderie – and not only for themselves, but for their kids.

Originally established in March 2011, the Mom’s Club has grown to over 150 families! Come join the fun and use this network as a great way to meet other moms, other kids, and other families. Whether you work full time, or stay at home full time, or somewhere in between – we’re looking forward to having you!

What We Do

We provide a variety of activities for moms, kids and families that help to keep us active and connected in our community.

Lakewood Mom’s Club Mission

The mission of the Lakewood Mom’s Club is to connect moms with moms, kids with kids, and families with families, in the Lakewood Community.

Mom's Club
Want to Join Us?

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