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Frequently Asked Questions


What do our dues cover?

Your dues provide maintenance for seven tennis courts, five of which have lights for nighttime play, two lighted volleyball courts, one swimming beach, two boat ramps, 364 boat racks (for sail boats, fishing boats, canoes), three playgrounds, four (baseball, softball, soccer & football) athletic fields, a pickleball and a half-court basketball court.

Also included are three swimming pools, two boat marinas with a total of 408 slips, over 50 pleasure docks, two courtesy docks, picnic tables, and two pontoon rental boats.

The Administrative Office is located at 651 NE St. Andrews Circle, a storage lot with 96 slots, two lakes totaling a surface area of 365 acres, two dams on the East and West Lake, Common Grounds spread over the 2,200 acres of the Lakewood Community, general lake maintenance, and snow and ice removal on all streets except Lake Drive, Lakewood Blvd., Dick Howser Drive, Gregory, Channel Drive, Northgate Crossing and Beechwood which are city streets. Last, but not least, neighborhood patrol 24/7 by the Community Service Personnel.

How much are the dues?

Monthly dues are are dependent on parcel. Please contact Cari Brown at (816) 541-2445 if you have a question about your monthly dues.

How can I sign up for ACH payments?

ACH allows you the freedom from writing a check each month for your monthly dues and miscellaneous charges to your Homes Association account. A statement is sent to you as a courtesy for all miscellaneous charges made to your account.

Forms for ACH are available in the office or you can download it here. For further information, please contact Machelle Seiler at (816) 373-4326.


What size of boat is allowed on Lakewood lakes?

2.030 Limitations on Size and Horse Power (a) No watercraft shall exceed 26 feet in length unless exempted and approved before July 1, 1978 and continuously registered. This includes pulpits, planks, transoms, and all extensions from the bow and stern, including the motor in the down position, whether part of the hull design or permanently attached to the watercraft. (b) Horsepower on motors may not exceed a watercraft’s manufactured specifications.

The lake is considered a “no wake” lake. 

What is the timeline for a boat slip?

There is approximately a 15-year waiting list for a boat slip. The boat slips are located at the East Marina (corner of Lake Drive and Dick Howser) and West Marinas (corner of Gregory and Woods Chapel). We suggest that you sign up regardless of whether or not you have a desire to own a boat. Should your name come up on the list, and you still have no desire for that slip, you may decline the slip.

Sherry McNamara handles all issues relating to boat slips. She will be happy to help you anytime Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. You can contact her via email or call her at (816) 541-2446.

Do you have pontoon boats for rent?

LPOA has two Pontoon rental boats that are available for use by our property owners for a fee. Pontoon boats are available in 2-hour blocks on weekdays and 4-hour blocks on weekends and holidays. All-day rentals, 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, are available on weekdays only (excluding holidays). We consider weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Rental Fees:

    • $250 damage deposit (charged to your account)
    • Monday – Thursday: $27.50 per hour
    • Friday – Sunday: $48.50 per hour
    • Holidays – $60.00 per hour
    • All-day rentals (Monday – Thursday only) – $188.00

If you are interested in renting one of these pontoons, contact the LPOA office at (816) 373-4326. All associated charges are placed on your account. A copy of the signed contract will be given to you for your records. Reservations are not final until the office received the signed contract.

Is there a waiting list for the storage lots?

There are a total of 96 slots available for lease in the storage lot. The fee for the storage lot is $300.00 for six months or $600 for twelve months. Placement in the storage lot is dependent upon the size of the available slot and the item to be stored.

For information or to put on the waiting list for the storage lot, please contact Steve Hancock at (816) 373-4343.

Lakewood Oaks Country Club

Is the Lakewood Oaks Country Club associated with Lakewood?

A little history will help explain.

From 1992 to 2007, Lakewood Oaks Country Club Ltd successfully operated the Golf Club and made many quality improvements.

Then in 2007, the Lakewood Property Owners Association purchased the golf course assets through their controlled company the Lakewood Holding Company, Inc., with it remaining a private club.

In 2017, The Lakewood Oaks Golf Club changed their name to Lakewood Oaks Country Club to reflect the country club lifestyle that had evolved after the acquisition and its location in Jackson County’s premier lifestyle living community, Lakewood.

Lakewood Oaks Country Club members and Lakewood Property Owners Association members are encouraged to take full advantage of the golf course, dine at our two restaurants, The Argyle and St. Andrews Pub, and participate in other events taking place at The Club.

If you are interested in joining the Lakewood Oaks Country Club, call (816) 541-2448 or (816) 373-4326 or go visit for more information regarding membership.

Does the Lakewood Oaks Country Club have a Dress Code?

Any visitors to the Clubhouse, offices, and the restaurants within must be clothed appropriately. Golf or Business Casual attire, including shoes, are expected when coming to the restaurant to eat or to play on the course. Swimsuits are not considered appropriate attire and should not be worn into the offices or into the restaurants.


Where are the pools located?

There are three pools in Lakewood: Lakewood Aquatic Center (4105 NW Lake Drive), East Lake (corner of Dick Howser and Channel), and the Oaks (Northgate Crossing). You may use all of the pools.

The Lakewood Aquatic Center has a full snack bar, and East Lake pool has candy bars, water and other snacks available for purchase.

You are welcome to bring guests with you to the pools with the purchase of a pool guests pass. There is a $30.00 pass for 5 punches and a $60.00 pass for 10 punches. Passes do not expire and may be purchased at the Administrative Office or at the Lakewood Aquatic Center or East Lake pools. The pools will open Memorial Day weekend and closes the day after Labor Day.

For more information visit the Pools page

How do I reserve the athletic fields?

The athletic fields are for use by Lakewood Property Owners Association members by reservation only. For baseball, softball and soccer field reservations, a spring and fall reservation meeting is scheduled for a lottery drawing for those fields. Dates will be posted in The Ripples. There is no fee for the use of the fields. For questions, call (816) 373-4326.

Rules and Regulations

When do I need to submit an ARB/ARC (Architectural Review Board/Alterations Review Committee) Application?

Any alteration that changes the current condition of the outside of your home or yard including, but not limited to, planting or removing trees, putting in landscape lighting, changing the paint color of your home, replacing your deck requires ARB/ARC approval before starting your project. The ARB/ARC Committee meets twice a month. Deadline dates are always on the first and third Mondays of each month with the actual meeting dates on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Schedules are published in the Ripples and appear on the calendar on the web page.

Download Improvements Proposal PDF

Sean Bachtel is available to answer questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM  and can be reached by calling (816) 373-4326 or email

Who is apart of the ARB/ARC?

The ARB/ARC consists of volunteers who are residents of the community. The primary function of the ARB/ARC is to work toward keeping property values up by enforcing guidelines that promote continuity and consistency within the Lakewood community.

Who should I call to report a disturbance or vandalism?

LPOA amenities and neighborhoods are patrolled 24/7 by our Community Service Personnel. They can be reached at (816) 373-1500, 24 hours a day. Our staff assists in making our community safe for residents and property owners by observing and reporting disturbances on LPOA Common Ground, suspicious activity, unfamiliar vehicles and making hourly house checks for residents on vacation. Lakewood is considered one of the lowest crime rate areas in the metropolitan Kansas City area.

The Lakewood Community Service personnel works closely with the Lee’s Summit Police Department. Please contact the Lee’s Summit Police Department before contacting the Lakewood Community Services if you see or would like to report any suspicious or unsafe behavior, as Community Services personnel are not security. They are not armed, nor do they have the training to handle such cases.

New Residents

Is there a directory published for Lakewood residents?

As a courtesy to our residents, Lakewood has a resident phone directory published online and consistently updated. It is for your personal use ONLY. Every effort is made to protect our residents from their information being used for commercial purposes. If you would like to be listed in this directory, you will need to complete the directory form that is a part of the New Member packet. The information will then be provided to our directory publicists.

To view the Resident Directory, you must be logged in to, select Members Area, Resident Directory.

What is our mission statement?

LPOA Mission Statement

The goal of the Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA) is to maintain and enhance the property values of its members and promote the development of a desirable residential community through projects, programs and services.

How can I become involved in my community?

Lakewood has numerous committees and social events for residents who are interested in becoming active in Lakewood. A committee interest form is included in the New Member Packet and should be filled out and turned into the office. Monthly activities are published in the Ripples and on our web site. Your participation is welcome and very much appreciated.

Lakewood Clubs & Committees

Administrative Committees:

    • Alterations Review (ARB/ARC)
    • Appeals
    • Executive Committee
    • Election Committee

Standing Advisory Committees:

    • Insurance Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Facilities Development Committee
    • Activities Committee
    • Lake Use Committee
    • Food and Beverage Committee


    • Garden Club
    • Mom’s Club
    • Pickleball Club
    • Tennis Club
    • Sail & Paddle Club
    • Stitchers Club
    • Swim Club (Teams)
    • Water Aerobics Club
    • Welcome Team
    • Yoga Club

Does Lakewood have a car decal?

Lakewood provides car decals that should be placed on the driver side of your back window or bumper. This helps our Community Service Department identify you as a property owner. The decal will not deface your car window as they are made of a static cling material. Bumper stickers are also available upon request.

How do I get a Lakewood ID?

New Residents:

New Lakewood residents should drop by the Administrative Offices located at 651 NE St. Andrews Circle, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM and after 5:00 PM by appointment ONLY (also open until 7:00 PM on Wednesdays through May, June and July during I.D. renewal years ONLY; the next renewal year is 2022). Plan to spend about 20 to 30 minutes.

Bring a copy of your settlement statement. You will be asked to fill out a confidential form, information for the Lakewood Directory, and sign up on the Boat Slip Waiting List.

The Receptionist will present to you the Lakewood New Member Packet and will go over important information answering any question you may have. Lakewood I.D.’s will be issued at that time.

Renew I.D. Cards

For those residents who need to renew their I.D. cards or have misplaced the I.D. card, they may do so Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM and after 5:00 PM by appointment only. Please be aware that any occupant living in the home who is 21 years of age or older will be expected to present a Missouri State driver’s license or valid Missouri State non-drivers I.D. showing the Lakewood property address as their place of residence in person. A picture of an ID will not be accepted. Any child 21 years or older is considered an adult and has full charging privileges. All dependents must be listed as an occupant in the home before I.D.’s will be issued. Owner or co-owner of the property are the only people allowed to add or remove an occupant from the Resident Information Form. Lakewood I.D.’s are $5.00 per card for all lost I.D. cards and cards that are renewed. At renewal, any occupant 21 years or older must provide residency. The I.D. cards are good for two years.

Temporary Identification Cards:

An LPOA member’s relative who resides in Lakewood on a temporary basis (2 weeks or more) may be issued a temporary picture identification card upon application by and authorization of the lot owner or multi-family unit owner. These “Temporary I.D. Cards” will contain an expiration date, not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date of issue, and will be identified with “TEMPORARY” printed on the card. LPOA members will be limited to three (3) temporary cards at any one time and any exception must be requested in writing to and approved by the Executive Committee. Holders of temporary resident I.D. cards will not be permitted charging privileges or to bring guests. A fee of $51.00 will be charged for each temporary resident I.D. card issued.

How does the LPOA communicate with members?

The Ripples Magazine

The Ripples is the Lakewood Property Owners Association monthly magazine. It is the primary form of communication between the LPOA Board and its members. It contains news of special events, committees, restaurant specials, actions of the Board of Directors, and informative articles. You may elect to receive an electronic version or have one mailed to your home. View The Ripples Magazine.

ClubLife Magazine

ClubLife is the Lakewood Oaks Country Club monthly newsletter, available in electronic version only. LOCC members automatically receive it and any LPOA members may opt in to receiving it by to be added to the list. View Club Life Magazine.

LPOA Monday Emails

Upon arrival in Lakewood, residents can opt in to receive our Monday Email newsletters. These are for quick updates with important announcements, special events, and information about Lakewood.  Not receiving these? Click here to opt in, and scroll to the bottom.

Lakewood Press Releases

When important announcements are needed, they are released as Press Releases via email. The entries are stored online for easy access at a later date, so you never have to worry about losing important information in your inbox. Subscribe to Press Releases.

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