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Parcels are like tiny subdivisions inside Lakewood.

Review this page to learn what you need to know about your Parcel!

What is a Lakewood Parcel?

The city of Lee’s of Summit is broken up into 1000’s of land parcels or subdivisions. In Lakewood, with 2400 homes, we have dozens of parcels, but only 20 of them are officially recognized because they have their own governing documents.

A parcel is a Legally described subdivision within the association that is governed by both the (Master) Lakewood Declaration (DDCR’s) and the Supplemental Declaration that is specific only to that particular parcel.

A Parcel may have common elements such as monuments, fountains, irrigation systems, etc, which are paid for and used principally by the members of that parcel. The members of that parcel are responsible for maintaining and funding any of the common elements in their development.

Why Do Some Parcels Have Their Own Declarations?

Parcels have different declarations because of developers. When a developer builds a neighborhood, they have a vision or master plan for a subdivision so that all the homes are consistent.

Among subdivisions, there may be different architectural plans or requirements, and therefore each subdivision has its own set of declarations. Whatever the developer adds in addition to LPOA restrictions, it must be written into the declarations, and home owners must abide by those declarations.

Who is Responsible for Parcel Maintenance?

Within Parcels, there are volunteer-based parcel committees made up of homeowners living within that parcel. The Parcel committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Parcel.

Parcels control their own funds, which may include maintenance fees, insurance, etc. The LPOA accounting team may assist in managing the bookkeeping and payments on behalf of parcels, but the parcel committees are required to give direction and manage their own budgets.

Parcels have great autonomy in managing their own affairs. If a Parcel wants to add new maintenance or capital improvements, they can vote to approve any new additions. However, if property has deteriorated and is in need of immediate attention, the LPOA Board has the authority to issue special assessments to its members in order to fund the improvements.

How are Multi-Family Parcels Different from Single Family Parcels?

Per Article VI of LPOA’s DCC&R’s, Multifamily lots pay only 80% of LPOA base dues. All other differences vary depending on their Supplemental DCC&R’s. Their maintenance and user fees may include trash collection, exterior maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, and maintenance of common elements (monuments, irrigation, etc).

Understanding Parcel Declarations and Policies:

Here are commonly referenced sections that residents can find in their Parcel Declarations:

    • Architectural Restrictions: Each Parcel may have additional restrictions on building materials, setbacks, and everything construction related.
    • Purpose of Assessments: Each Parcel may have a list of physical elements that they main and budget for, that are particular only to their parcel members. These items will be added onto the base monthly dues of the Association.
    • Lakewood Policy #11 – Parcel Procedures: This policy provides general guidelines for Parcel Chairs and LPOA Board of Directors.
    • Maintenance & Group Services Fees for Parcels: These fees are added monthly and are typically used to fund things like insurance, trash removal, exterior maintenance, snow removal, irrigation, lawn maintenance, or reserves for capital assets like stone monuments, etc. See the 2024 Fee Schedule below.

For questions about your Parcel Declarations or Fee Schedule, please contact your Parcel Chairperson, or call the office at (816) 373-4326.

Get Involved in Your Parcel Committee

All parcels are managed by residents within the parcel. It’s always encouraged that residents get involved with their parcel to offer support and shared responsibility with their parcel neighbors.

Each parcel meets at different times during the year and has different committee structures. Residents are encouraged to contact their Parcel Chair to learn how to get more involved. Their names are listed in the Parcel sections, and you can look up their phone numbers in the Resident Directory by logging into the Residents Only section.

Multi-Family Parcels

Single Family Parcels

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