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Boating in Lakewood is one of the most treasured activities in our community.

Whether you are leasing a boat slip for a pontoon, or bringing your small watercraft into the lake, please take the time to review our guidelines that help keep our lake and our residents safe.

Lakewood Lakes

Boating Safety in Lakewood

Welcome to our Lake Education Program

Take 10 minutes to watch an overview of the policies that help create a safe and fun experience on our lakes.

Complete our Lake Education Course

After you’ve watched the video, take our online Lake Education Course, and see if you’ve mastered our safe boating and swimming policies. We encourage you to share this with all family members, teens, and neighbors who may be operating your boat.

Safety on Your Boat

    • Lifejackets/flotation devices for each person
    • Fire extinguisher on boat
    • Never enter the water while the motor is running
    • Do not ride on the front of a moving boat
    • Do not operate a boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs
    • No moving or tying a boat to any water control buoy or device
    • Always use safe practices while boating.
    • Examples of unsafe operation are passengers standing on a hard top or sitting on the front of a boat with legs in the water while a boat is moving.

Safety for People in Boats Around You

    • Motorized boats should observe right-of-way for boats operated by human power (row boats, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, etc.) or sailboats
    • Know all right-of-way rules (50’ between moving boats, crossing wakes, etc.)
    • Observance of swimmers
    • Never turn on the boat motor until all swimmers are back on the boat and accounted for

Navigation & Boating Guidelines

    • Lakewood lakes are “No Wake” lakes, even if you’re the only boat on the water.
    • Idle speed should be used when you are within 100 feet of marinas, pleasure docks, swimmers, anchored boats, near any water traffic control buoy and when going through the channel between lakes.
    • Always use your navigation lights ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise. If you are anchored or stationary after dusk your anchor light must be on. If you are on a watercraft with no lights, it is not allowed on the lake during these times. Only use docking lights while docking. Docking lights are not to be used as headlights while on the water at night.

Launching and Watercraft Guidelines

    • If your boat has been on any other body of water*, wash it with 140 degree water, flush out live wells, motor, etc. and make sure it is clean, drained and dried before bringing it back into the Lakewood perimeter. This goes for life jackets, swim noodles, fishing tackle, and anything else that was in the other lake or pond. *Contact LPOA for inspection before launching.
    • Watercraft cannot be left on the lakes overnight unless in an approved LPOA boat slip.
    • Keep your LPOA ID Card with you at all times.
    • You are responsible for the actions of your family members and guests, and all guests must be accompanied at all times by a member with a valid LPOA ID Card.

Boating and Registration

Lakes - Boating

Definitions of Watercraft

Watercraft of all shapes and sizes are subject to our policies and regulations. Below are the definitions in our governing documents:

(e) Boat – shall include every vessel capable of traveling on water and carrying one or more persons, including, but not limited to sailboats, motor boats, row boats, jet skis, rafts, canoes, and paddle boats.

(f) Watercraft – shall mean and refer to any and all objects capable of and intended to float on water, or to be used on, upon or in water for the purpose of carrying, propelling, or floating a person.

(g) Light Watercraft – shall mean and refer to kayaks and paddleboards, including inflatable kayaks and inflatable paddleboards, that are capable of being lifted by one person and are propelled by a hand held paddle.


Download LPOA Rules & Regulations

Watercraft Registration Instructions

How to Register Watercraft

    • ALL WATERCRAFT are required to be registered in the Administrative Office.
    • A boat sticker must be purchased and displayed on the watercraft that is stored in a boat slip, on a boat rack, or launched on Lakewood lakes.
    • Stickers must be on watercraft by May 1 of each year.
    • If licensing a new boat, please bring your bill of sale or boat registration papers to the Administrative Office. Copies of these documents are kept on file.


    • Only boats that are owned by residents may be stickered and launched in our lake.
    • Boat slip lessees must be named on the title of any boat stored in a boat slip.


    • Proof of insurance is required on all boats stored in a boat slip.
    • Boat slip lessee must be named on the insurance policy
    • For Motorized Only: Liability Coverage must be no less than $300k, with LPOA named as additionally insured.
    • Proof of insurance must be provided annually at renewal.
    • Non-Motorized: No insurance required.

Watercraft Sticker Fees

It is the responsibility of residents to ensure their watercraft is properly registered.

    • Residents without stickers may be subject to fines.
    • These stickers should be renewed annually.
    • After May 1, boat registration sticker fees will include a $9.00 late fee for all previously registered watercraft.

View Sticker Fee Structure

Boat Slips

About our Boat Slips

Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA) owns two marinas with 480 boat slips:

    • West Lake Marina (Gregory & Beechwood)
    • East Lake Marina (Lakewood Blvd & Dick Howser Drive)

These slips are owned by the LPOA and leased to LPOA Members. Slips are not titled with any home in Lakewood and are not owned by any one member.

Waiting List

A boat slip waiting list is on file in the LPOA office, which can be viewed during normal office hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday), and can also be viewed through the Resident Login page.

How do you sign up for the Waiting List?

When a new LPOA member comes into the administrative office to get their picture I.D. card, new member packet, etc., they are asked to complete a “Boat Slip Waiting List Form.” That date becomes their boat slip waiting list date.

At this time, the waiting list is running around 10-12 years.

Review our Boat Slip Policy:

LPOA Policy No. 5 is followed by staff for administering the assignment of boat slips

Click here for boat slip fees.

If you have any questions or want to check your status on the waiting list, you may call Sherry McNamara at (816) 373-4326. Go to the Resident Login page to view the boat slip waiting list.

Boat Slip Agreements

Below is a link to the sample Boat Slip Agreement. Violations to this agreement could result in loss of amenity or boat slip privileges.

View Boat Slip Agreement

Boat Sizes Allowed on the Lake

Rules & Regulations | Article II 2.030
Limitations on Size and HorsePower

(a) No watercraft shall exceed 26 feet in length unless exempted and approved before July 1, 1978 and continuously registered. This includes pulpits, planks, transoms, and all extensions from the bow and stern, including the motor in the down position, whether part of the hull design or permanently attached to the watercraft.

(b) Horsepower on motors may not exceed a watercraft’s manufactured specifications.

Boating Policies & Regulations

Governing Documents

Boating Policies & Regulations

Click under Governing Documents to view or download the complete Policy or Rules & Regulations document. Use this short list (table of contents) to help you find the policy you’re looking for.

LPOA Policies

Policy #5 Boat Slips
Policy #7 Boat Racks
Policy #12 Storage Lot
Policy #15 Rental of Assets (Pontoons, Trailers, etc)
Policy #22 Invasive Species

Rules & Regulations

Article II The Lakes – Boats, Watercraft, Boat Slips, and Boat Racks

2.010 Definitions
2.020 Registration of Boats and Insurance
2.021 Registration Stickers
2.022 Verification of Ownership and Affixation of Registration Stickers
2.023 Registration Renewable Annually
2.030 Limitations on Size and Horsepower
2.040 Boat Lights and Other Safety Equipment
2.050 Launching, Storage, Temporary Parking & On-site Maintenance of Boats
2.060 Water Traffic Control Devices
2.070 Guests in Company of Member
2.080 Members Responsible for Children, Dependents and Guests
2.090 Minimum Age for Operation of Motorized Watercraft
2.100 Littering Prohibited
2.110 Rights of Way for Boats
2.120 Speed Limits
2.130 Water Skiing, Jet Skis, Wave Runners, Personal Watercraft
2.140 Swimming in the Lakes
2.150 Fishing
2.160 Aircraft Prohibited
2.170 Lakewood Community Services Personnel and Enforcement Procedures
2.180 Combative Measures for the Prevention of Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussel Management

Keep your lake free of invasive species. Read more about our strict zebra mussel management policies.

Sail and Paddle Club


Lakewood is fortunate to have a Sail & Paddle Club that sponsors and maintains a fleet of sailboats, kayaks and other small watercraft. They even provide lessons for sailboating. These watercraft are available for Residents who become members of the club.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon boats are available for 2-hour blocks on weekdays and 4-hour blocks on weekends and holidays. All-day rentals are available on weekdays only (excluding holidays). The boats can only be rented one month in advance at the earliest. To clarify, an individual wanting to rent a boat on the 15th of the month (ex. June 15th), can reserve a boat no sooner than the 15th of the prior month, regardless of the number of days in the month.

Lakes - Marinas

Rental Fees:

    • $250 damage deposit (charged to your account)
    • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) $28.50/hour
    • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) $50.50/hour
    • Holidays – $62.00/hour
    • All-day rentals (8:00 AM – 10:00 PM) – only available Monday – Thursday $194.00

Lakewood Policy #15 | Rental of Assets

Easy Pontoon Rental Instructions

Step 1

Call the office for availability (816-373-4326), and request a contract.
Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance.

Step 2

Read the rules, Print and sign the contract. Send it back via email scan or in person.
Rental fees will be charged to your account after your rental date.

Step 3

Receive your Contract Confirmation via email, and get ready for a great time on the boat!
Your booking is not confirmed until you’ve received written confirmation.

Boat Racks

Boat Racks

Boat racks are located on common ground in various places along the shorelines of the East and West Lakes.

    • West Lake has 56 racks
    • East Lake as 21 racks
    • Total Spaces Available: 387

Each rack holds an average of four boats. These racks are intended to store small boats (under 350 lbs.) such as canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, and sailboats.

Adding Boat Launchers

Boat launchers may be installed on boat racks by LPOA Personnel ONLY. New installation is $350. If one exists, we will refurbish it and reinstall for $250. Boat racks and boat launchers are owned by the LPOA and leased to LPOA members. Boat racks and boat launchers are not titled with any home in Lakewood and are not owned by any one member.

Lakewood Policy #7 | Boat Racks

Please call Sherry McNamara at the Lakewood Property Owners Association office at (816) 373-4326, and she can check on availability. A Boat Rack Lease Agreement must be signed, along with an annual fee of $58.00 before a boat can be placed on a boat rack.

Boat Storage Lot

Lakewood manages a private Storage Lot on a property behind the East Lake Dam. Residents can rent space in the storage lot for parking boats on trailers, vehicles, or other private property. Contact the office to find out more about annual pricing and availability to rent this storage space. Contact or Contact Us.

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