Lakewood Oaks Country Club

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Lakewood Oaks Country Club is a haven for golf enthusiasts. Our par 71, championship golf course, designed by renowned architect Jay Riviere in 1979, offers 6,300 yards of Cato Crenshaw Bent Grass greens, Bluegrass roughs and Zoysia fairways and tees. Strategically positioned bunkers challenge golfers of any age, gender or skill level, while multiple tees allow players to compete at yardages that are the most comfortable for them.

Lakewood Oaks Country Club

Membership Inquiries

For membership inquiries, email, or call (816) 373-2505.

Le Fleur 2022 Team Photos

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Pam Spellerberg, Jean Rhoads, Barb O'Donnell, Barb Finney
Cathy Arnold, Lynn Warmbrodt, Paulette Coble, Valerie Young
Connie Vance, Peggy McCutchan, Nancy Wilson, Jamie Backous
Donna Round, Shelly Johnson, Amy Clark, Connie Truelove
Grace Rottinghaus, Ida Hein, Sue Lock, Tammy Meisenheimer
Jacci Kelly, Stacey Bryant, Amy Merritt, Joan Albright
Jan Voth, Julie Spain, Linda Swain, Jay Jay Crabtree
Jo Ann Spalding, Debi Saunders, Carol Travaglione, Karen Haas
Joanie Hartnett, Jill Pace, Janine Anderson, Suzanne Dimmel
Judy Benson-Rice, Luanne Engelmann, Teresa Gumm, Kathy Stuntz
Julia Israel, Marla Copeland, Janet Rice, Regina Hogan
Karan Johnson, Debra Cloninger, Sandy Stigall, Kristi Dinneen
Kim Curran, Billie Skurdal, Jacki Kendall, Christine Murtha
Mary Pat Burson, Barb House, Charlene Boyer, Mary Edmond
Paula Austin, Rachel Cary, Marcia Haskin, Denise Huff
Robin Tuttle, Chris Chapman, Barbara Huffman, Annie Fisher
Sheri Rehmer, Monica Randall, Tracee Lechner, Fawna Harrison
Stacey Laber, Sharon Swanson, Cindy Sulzman, Sharon Williams
Susan Weeda, Sandi Inman, Tawnya Neal, Marilyn Wichman
Susie Newsam, Juanita Janssen, Michele Wolf, Diana Youngdahl
Tabitha Davis, JoAnne Bridgnell, Janet Pemberton, Logan Moresi
Taylor Dunn, Rachel McLaughlin, Jennifer Ecton, Kim Bolin
Terri Coats, Kim Wright, Dalene Spradlin, Monica Bury
Toni Tygart, Patricia Sandow, Veda Landon, Margaret Ellman

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