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Lakewood Lakes

Lakewood is home to two beautiful lakes, covering an area of roughly 365 acres. There is one beach (on Lake Drive) and there are multiple pleasure docks located around the lake for resident use. Lakewood has two pontoon boats available for rent during the summer.

Lakewood Lakes


Fishing by members will be allowed on all lakes without a Missouri Fishing License, however, they must have their LPOA I.D. on them and follow the rules of the Missouri Department of Conservation regarding practices, limits, minimum sizes and procedures. Also, no trot line or bank lines are allowed.

After consulting with the Missouri Department of Conservation and our observations of the size and quality of our fish population, we have decided on the following:

A Largemouth Bass between 12 inches and 15 inches should be returned unharmed to the lake
Remove all Largemouth Bass under 12 inches and over 15 inches to decrease the competition for food
Harvest Bluegill that are 6 inches and larger
Harvest Crappies that are 9 inches and larger
Harvest all White Bass regardless of size
Harvest Walleye that are 22 inches and larger
Be careful in handling Walleye; they have sharp teeth. Also, handle the ones under 22 inches as little as possible, returning them to the lake
Harvest Channel Catfish that are 16 inches and larger

It is our sincere hope that the fishing in our lakes will be much improved if everyone follows these guidelines.

As an Angler, you have an important responsibility. It’s much more than obeying fishing laws. Good Anglers also respect others, and your actions will allow many other people to enjoy fishing in our lake in the future.

An Ethical Angler:

    • Respects other anglers’ rights
    • Respects the rights of others who use the resource
    • Respects the rights of property owners
    • Keeps only the fish he/she wants
    • Never wastes fish
    • Releases unwanted fish carefully land unharmed
    • Never litters or pollutes the waters
    • Knows and follow angling and boating regulations
    • Continually seeks new knowledge and skills
    • Shares his/her knowledge with others
    • Doesn’t release live bait or non-native fish into waters
    • Promotes the sport of fishing
Lake Use Committee

The Lake Use Committee is concerned with all usage of the lakes and ponds in Lakewood. This shall include boating, sailing, fishing and all other lake activities and uses, and will be responsible for the following:

    • Fish Habitat
    • Fish Restocking Program
    • Boat Slips
    • Boat Racks
    • Boat Docks
    • Pleasure Docks
    • Wildlife Abatement
    • Water Quality
    • Fishing Derbies
Zebra Mussels Awareness

In order to prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels, Lakewood has been very proactive in its efforts. This includes gates at both of our boat ramps and the adoption of procedures for inspecting watercrafts entering the lakes.


Lakes - Boating

Boating Safety

    • Lifejackets/flotation devices for each person
    • Fire extinguisher on boat
    • Safe speed on boat; meaning no whitewater wake or speed exceeding 10 mph.
    • Running lights for use after sunset and before sunrise
    • Motorized boats should observe right-of-way for boats operated by human power (row boats, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, etc.) or sailboats
    • Know all right-of-way rules (50’ between moving boats, crossing wakes, etc.)
    • Observance of swimmers
    • Do not ride on the front of a moving boat
    • Do not operate a boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs
    • No moving or tying a boat to any water control buoy or device
    • Never enter the water while the motor is running
    • Never turn on the boat motor until all swimmers are back on the boat and accounted for

Boating Regulations

    • All watercraft are required to be registered in the Administrative Office, and a boat sticker must be purchased and displayed on the watercraft that is stored in a boat slip, on a boat rack or launched on Lakewood lakes by May 1 of each year.
    • If licensing a new boat, please bring your bill of sale or boat registration papers to the Administrative Office. Copies of these documents are kept on file.
    • Only boats that are owned by residents may be stickered and launched in our lake.
    • Boat slip lessee must be named on the title of any boat stored in a boat slip.
    • Proof of insurance is required on all boats stored in a boat slip.
    • Boat slip lessee must be named on the insurance policy

Boat Registration Sticker Fees

$35.50 – Registration stickers for non-motorized boats
$90.00 – Registration stickers for motorized boats

After May 1, boat registration sticker fees will include a $8.50 late fee for all previously registered watercraft.

Boat Slips

Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA) own two marines – West Lake Marina (Gregory & Beechwood) and East Lake Marina (Lakewood Blvd & Dick Howser Drive) with more than 400 boat slips. These slips are owned by the LPOA and leased to LPOA Members – slips are not titled with any home in Lakewood and are not owned by any one member. A boat slip waiting list is on file in LPOA office, which can be viewed during normal office hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday), and can also be viewed on the Documents page when a member is logged in.

When a new LPOA member comes into the administrative office to get their picture I.D. card, new member packet, etc., they are asked to complete a “Boat Slip Waiting List Form.” That date becomes their boat slip waiting list date. At this time, the waiting list is running around 15 years.

LPOA Policy No. 5 is followed by staff for administering the assignment of boat slips (also available to members).

A covered slip leases for $1,326 annually, and an uncovered slip leases for $969 annually.

If you have any questions or want to check your status on the waiting list, you may call Sherry McNamara at (816) 373-4326.

Boat Racks

Boat racks are located on common ground in various places along the shorelines of the East and West Lakes. The West Lake has 56 racks, and the East Lake as 21. Each rack holds an average of four boats. These racks are intended to store small boats (under 350 lbs.) such as canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, and sailboats.

Boat launchers may be installed on boat racks by LPOA Personnel ONLY. The fee for a boat launcher is $350. To launcher refurbished, it’s $250 if one is already on the rack.

Boat racks and boat launchers are owned by the LPOA and leased to LPOA members. Boat racks and boat launchers are not titled with any home in Lakewood and are now owned by any one member.

Please call Sherry McNamara at the Lakewood Property Owners Association office at (816) 373-4326, and she can check on availability. A Boat Rack Lease Agreement must be signed, along with an annual fee of $56.00 before a boat can be placed on a boat rack.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon boats are available for 2-hour blocks on weekdays and 4-hour blocks on weekends and holidays. All-day rentals are available on weekdays only (excluding holidays). The boats can only be rented one month in advance at the earliest. To clarify, an individual wanting to rent a boat on the 15th of the month (ex. June 15th), can reserve a boat no sooner than the 15th of the prior month, regardless of the number of days in the month.

Rental Fees

  • $250 damage deposit (charged to your account)
  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) $27.50/hour
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) $48.50/hour
  • Holidays – $60.00/hour
  • All-day retails (8:00 AM – 10:00 PM) – only available Monday – Thursday $188.00

Lakewood Beach

The Beach is located behind the Aquatics Center (off Lake Drive) and includes a roped area for swimming and parking area for boats.
During operating hours, you can park your boat and visit the snack bar and pool.


Lakes - Marinas

Lakewood has two unmanned marinas. East Lake Marina is located at Lakewood Boulevard and Dick Howser Drive. West Lake Marina is located at Beechwood and Gregory. Each marina has a boat ramp. These ramps are gated and available for use by Lakewood members in good standing.

Please call Community Services at (816) 373-1500 at least 20 minutes before wanting to launch or remove your boat from the lake. Your watercraft and trailer must have a current Lakewood sticker and be clean and dry for inspection by staff prior to launch.

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