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The Clubhouse/Pavilions Department

There are two pavilions that are accounted for under the Clubhouse Department budget:

Main Pool and East Lake Pavilions

West Lake Pavilion
Cove Aquatic Center (West Lake)

4015 NW Lake Drive

    • Built 2017
    • Approximately 20 tables of seating
East Lake Pavilion
East Lake Village

4140 NE Channel Drive

    • Built 2018
    • Approximately 10 tables of seating
Hours of Operation:
    • These are open seasonally from April 1 – Nov 1 (weather permitting).
    • During the season, the Family Restrooms will remain open during non-pool hours.
Availability for Reservations:
    • It’s possible that they can be reserved for exclusive use, with variable pricing through the GM’s office (like banquets)
    • They’re free to use as any common area during non-pool hours.
Management Includes:
    • Maintenance of facility
    • Trash and bathroom maintenance
    • Tables and equipment
    • Locking and Security

Clubhouse and Pavilion in our Operating Budget

The “Clubhouse” Department descriptor has been in the LPOA Accounting System since inception.

This was because the LPOA used to have a Clubhouse, “The Cove Clubhouse”, located at the Main Pool Facility on Lake Drive. This building was removed from our inventory in 2015 and replaced with a new Pavilion at the Main Pool location in 2017.

This budget department now accounts for expenses associated with the East Lake Pavilion as well.

Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse:

No lease expense is accounted for in the Clubhouse/Pavilion Department. The lease paid from LPOA to LHC is paid through the Administration Department. as the LPOAs offices and food and beverage services are now located in the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse.

However, the Clubhouse/Pavilion department includes some non-lease expenses associated with our operations in the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse, like furniture or art purchases.

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