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Marina Department

The Marina Department accounts for revenue, expenses and payroll associated with our 480 Boat Slips located on the East and West Lake.

The Marinas are a Non-Core-Revenue profit center that provides income outside of dues.

Marina Department

Boat Slip Lease Management (Qty 480 slips)

    • Managing boat lease renewals for residents
    • Tracking insurance policies and eligibility for lessees
    • Managing boat sticker distribution annually
    • Managing the boat slip waiting list, notifying residents of eligibility
    • Monitoring boats in the marinas
    • Maintenance and repairs of the docks and infrastructure

Shoreline infrastructure electricity and lighting

    • Maintain electricity and lighting on the docks
    • Use video security systems to oversee safety at the marinas
    • Oversee the gates to the docks

Learn More

To learn more about boater registration and boat slip agreements, go to our Boating page.

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