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Lakewood Community Services Department

Your Lakewood Community Services Department is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can be reached at (816) 373-1500, and will respond or assist when called.

Some of the tasks that they are responsible for include, but not limited to:

Securing Lakewood Amenities
Patrolling Lakewood Common Areas
Patrolling Lakewood Lakes
Ensuring that Lakewood’s ARB/ARC Guidelines and Rules and Regs are enforced
Maintaining open violations and assisting members in bringing properties into compliance
Opening the Storage Lot for Lakewood Members
Opening the Marina Gates in order for members to remove or launch their boats
Performing Residence Checks for our members that are away for any length of time
Renting and Maintaining Lakewood’s rental pontoons

Report a Violation

If you’d like to report a violation, feel free to call your Community Service Staff so it can be recorded. Please remember that this department is not a security team. If an emergency arises, please notify the proper city authorities or call 911.

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