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Zebra Mussel Awareness

In order to prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels, Lakewood has been very proactive in its efforts. This includes gates at both of our boat ramps and the adoption of procedures for inspecting watercrafts entering the lakes.

To keep this process as efficient as possible, we ask membership to “Clean, Drain and Dry” their boats and trailers between bodies of water. The following tips will help ensure our lake remains free of this invasive species, and to quickly serve our members when entering the exiting the lake.

If the boat has been in foreign waters:

Power wash the craft and trailer at 140 degrees temperatures, flushing the motor and live wells
Allow time to dry prior to launching at Lakewood

Prior to staff inspection at time of launching, ensure:

The boat, trailer and any other equipment are clean and can likely pass the inspection
There is no standing water, weeds or plants attached to either the trailer or boat
That the trailer and boat are properly licensed
That a currently Lakewood sticker is attached
That you carry your valid Lakewood I.D. when approaching the gate. No one without a valid I.D. will be allowed to launch, regardless of the condition of the craft and trailer
If Zebra Mussels are found during inspection, the craft will need to be washed and quarantined, as defined by LPOA rules and regulations. The incident will be reported to MDC, as well

Access to Ramps

When requesting access to the ramps, please call Community Services. Please call at least 20 minutes in advance to launch or remove a boat from the water.

Coordinate any work done by contractors with LPOA staff. Contractors will not be allowed access to the lake without inspection and the member’s permission.

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