From Mark Reid, LPOA & LHC General Manager

A very happy New Year to you, Lakewood! As we start off 2024, we all have an opportunity to start fresh, and we are certainly doing just that in our repaired and renovated offices and clubhouse spaces. It has been a long and at times challenging journey—and LPOA & LHC Staff have had to work flexibly and efficiently during all the times we moved spaces. We are all looking forward to finally settling in our offices and reopening the clubhouse facilities including the lobby. The water damage from the burst fire suppression lines back on Christmas Eve of 2022 ended up giving us an opportunity to modernize and bring a new level of sophistication to the building—and the cost of said repairs and renovations directly translates into an investment to both the LHC and LPOA. We look forward to serving the Lakewood community another year!

See the photos below for the progress.

Lobby Rock Wall Facade, Wood Framing and Wood-look Tile Floor
View from inside at the Receptionist Desk, with finished glass windows.
Main Office renovation
New Admin Office Space (facing door) Thank you to Brooke and Robbie Beebe for donating the cherry wood office furniture!
New Admin Office Space (facing in)
New Banquet storage space