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Staff & Board Updates

Anatomy of a Board Meeting

Your LPOA/LHC Board is comprised of nine (9) directors. Each year, officers are elected by the board – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers make up the Executive Committee. Meetings are facilitated by the President or other Officer.

LPOA board meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of every month, 6:30 PM at the clubhouse. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct the business of the Lakewood Holding Company (LHC) and Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA).

These meetings are held in open session, with all LPOA members invited to attend. The agenda for the meeting is set the week prior by the Executive Committee. Residents, staff, and board members may all submit topics for the agenda. All submitted topics may not make it to the actual agenda.

The agendas and supporting documents are distributed to board members the week of the board meeting for review. This allows board members to review the documents, ask questions, and come to the meeting prepared to conduct business.

Being prepared allows for quicker decisions and keeping the meeting moving forward. We utilize Roberts Rules of Order, which provides common rules and procedures for deliberation, debate and improves the efficiency of our meetings. It is considered the “standard” for facilitating discussions and group decision making.

Since the LPOA/LHC is governed by one board, each is conducted as a separate session. We start with the LHC business, then move to the LPOA. Each entity will follow the same format listed below.

Board Meeting Structure:

Call to Order
The President or presiding chairperson calls the meeting to order.

Roll Call
Roll call is taken by the GM to establish a quorum. A quorum (five) is the minimum number of directors present to conduct business.

Communication from Membership
This is an opportunity for a resident to address the board. Raise your hand to be recognized by the President, then step forward and state your name, address and/ or lot number. Comments are typically limited to 2-3 minutes. Once you have made your comment, you will be thanked and will return to your seat. On occasion, a board member may ask a question, however, this is not meant to be an open dialogue with the board.

If you have a topic that you wish to present to the board that bears discussion, it should be submitted as an agenda topic in advance of the meeting. During the LHC session, comments should be limited to topics related to the golf course. During the LPOA session, all other association topics are welcome.

Communication from Board Members or Staff
This is an opportunity for a director or staff member to make any comments or updates.

Approval of Agenda
A motion is made to approve the agenda.

Items to Receive and File
Items included here may include Committee and Parcel meeting minutes, the Community Services report, etc. The Board has access to the supporting documents and the GM makes acknowledgement of receipt.

Consent Agenda
The consent agenda is used to streamline the meeting by collecting routine, non-controversial items into a group to be passed with a single motion and vote. These items may include Board meeting minutes, Executive Committee meeting minutes and Parcel and/or Committee member ratifications. An item can be removed from the consent agenda and discussed separately as a new business item. Old Business This is business from a previous meeting that has not been completed. New Business New business topics for discussion.

Meeting is closed. At the adjournment of the LPOA session, residents are asked to leave, and the board goes into an Executive Session.

Executive Session
An executive session is a private meeting among the board that takes place outside of an open board meeting. Executive sessions are private because confidential, legal, or privileged information is discussed.