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Staff & Board Updates

2023 Communications Plan

This week the board approved a new Communications Plan that will provide a complete overhaul to our infrastructure in how we communicate important information to our members. This is in response to requests for overall increased communication and transparency about our board policies, finances, and strategic planning. Highlights of this infrastructure plan will include:

Overhauling website content and navigation to enhance access to important information and FAQs.

Social Media:
Capitalizing on our public-facing social media presence to promote positive & proactive information and enhance our brand throughout the local community.

Vision & Strategy:
Helping the Board to engage with the community as we embark on the process of creating a new long term Vision & Strategy.

Community Feedback:
Establishing a trusted pathway for receiving community feedback so members feel their voices are heard.

Board Meetings:
Increasing efficiency and transparency with Board agendas, minutes and Committee updates.

Transparency Reports:
Publishing a series of FAQ reports and summaries of important topics that residents have requested clarification on.

Committee & Department Updates:
Increasing frequency & transparency around committee & department processes, projects and planning.

Annual Board Events:
Promote and enhance the quality of recurring events such as LIP process, Budget, Elections, and the Annual Meeting.

This Communications Plan has been contracted with Melanie Adkins, owner of Checklist Media, for a minimum 6 month term, to establish standard operating procedures for the future in these areas. Her agency will be well-suited with 12 years of LPOA involvement and policy knowledge, combined with their expertise in professional communications.

This is an investment in the well-being and harmony of our community. By promoting transparency and engagement, we are laying the foundation for a thriving and united neighborhood. Stay tuned for exciting changes that will elevate our community and bring us closer together!

Debbie Stalnaker,
President, LPOA Board of Directors