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May 2024 LPOA Board of Directors Meeting Debrief

LPOA Board of Directors
Meeting Debrief

May 9, 2024

LPOA & LHC Board of Directors Monthly Meetings | June 13 • July 11 • August 8 | 6:30 PM at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse

View the official minutes from the April meeting by clicking here: LPOA | LHC

Clubhouse Deck Replacement

The 2023 Lakewood Improvement Program (LIP) budget contained funding for deck replacement and new outdoor furniture at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse. Bids were received and reviewed, and a motion was passed to accept the bid from Wood River, setting a maximum budget for removing the old deck and replacing with a 13’X46’ Deck with a Dry-B-Low system. $25,000.00 of this will be paid by the LHC and the remaining paid by the LPOA. The remaining funds in the LIP line item will be used to purchase the commercial outdoor furniture.

Request for Pleasure Dock and Sidewalk in the Falls at Lakewood Parcel

The Board passed a motion to table this request as staff works with the City, Engineer, and survey company on requirements, design, placement and feasibility of the sidewalk and dock.

Triple Net Lease Format for 2025 Clubhouse Lease Agreement

A triple net lease template was presented to the Board, from LPOA legal counsel, with the lease square footage revised with hallways and lobby taken out of the total. Additionally, CAM’s, Utilities, Insurance/Misc. and Accounting Services were broken down into actuals per the budget. A motion passed to approve the template with the detailed 2024 Appendix A, to be used beginning in 2025.

East Lake Village Tennis Court Pickle Ball Conversion

A motion passed to remove this item from the agenda.

Proposed Amendment to LPOA By-laws – Max Spending Authority Without a Vote of Membership

A draft amendment to the By-laws Article VII was presented, which would have the Board enact the collection of reserve funds as required and essentially enact a vote of membership for expenditure of $1,000,000.00 or more for a capital expenditure of a “new” amenity. A motion was passed to accept the pending amendment and to publish in the Ripples prior to enacting.

Recognize Outgoing Board Members

Outgoing Board Members Debbie Stalnaker, Larry Fields, and Dave Petet were thanked for their service and presented with plaques commemorating their time on the LPOA Board of Directors.

Seat New Board Members

New Board Members Randy Wisthoff, Drew Reynolds, and Marty Nevshemal were seated at the Board table.

Election of Officers

After nominations, and all being elected by acclamation, the LPOA 2024/2025 Officers are as follows:
James TreuPresident
Jon SnowVice-president
Kim CurranSecretary
Marty NevshemalTreasurer

New Ad-hoc Playground Committee

A motion was passed creating an Ad-hoc Playground Committee to assist in the new Fairway Homes Play Park. Secretary Curran was appointed Chairperson. The Play Park is an approved LIP item for 2024.

Official Board Minutes will be approved at next months meeting.