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Why apply for the Board of Directors?

To some, the LPOA and LHC Board of Directors may still be a mystifying group within the governance of the HOA. To put it simply, the Board of Directors are responsible for working collaboratively to make decisions regarding financial, infrastructure and maintenance matters for LPOA (Lakewood Property Owners Association) and…

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Finance and Appeals Committees are Seeking New Members

Hello Residents! We have two Committees seeking interested individuals to become committee members—the Finance Committee and the Appeals Committee. You may read more about each below. LPOA Finance Committee The resident must be a Lakewood member in good standing. The Finance Committee is an advisory committee concerning financial matters to…

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Communications Plan – 30 Day Update

On November 1, 2023, Lakewood began a contract for a 6 month Communications Plan. Please read below for a 30 Day Update of the progress that’s been made with staff and volunteers on this important project. This project is to increase transparency and create infrastructure for future communications in perpetuity. Click Here…

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