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Lakes & Boating

Lake Treatment Update

🌷🌞Spring is just around the corner and the lakes will soon be full of activity again.🐟💦 We are aware that treatment for aquatic vegetation in the lakes (Coontail and Pondweed) has been a topic of interest as of late—and we want to reassure residents that we are in communication with…

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New in 2024 – LPOA Financials are Now Accessible Online

LPOA Financials are now available online, and can be found on our website under the Transparency Section: These documents have always been accessible to members by appointment at the office, but we are now technologically up to date, so they can be loaded online for your viewing pleasure. We…

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Communications Plan – 30 Day Update

On November 1, 2023, Lakewood began a contract for a 6 month Communications Plan. Please read below for a 30 Day Update of the progress that’s been made with staff and volunteers on this important project. This project is to increase transparency and create infrastructure for future communications in perpetuity. Click Here…

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Staff & Board Updates

2023 Communications Plan

This week the board approved a new Communications Plan that will provide a complete overhaul to our infrastructure in how we communicate important information to our members. This is in response to requests for overall increased communication and transparency about our board policies, finances, and strategic planning. Highlights of this…

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