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Welcome to the 2024 Board of Directors Elections

2024 Election Season | Jan 31 - April 18, 2024

How Do You Get Involved in the Elections?

Become a Candidate

To become a candidate, go to the Elections Committee page to learn about the process. You must register in person by visiting the LPOA offices to pick up your Candidate Petition and Candidate Questionnaire hard copies. These documents must be returned with 20 signatures, and a photo for the Ripples, by March 6, 2024. The 2024 Deadlines for candidacy are printed below.

Vote in the Elections

We vote for candidates by electronic voting with, every year for a 1-week period in April. Please see the Election Timeline to see the current dates for voting. Each household will receive 1 access code per household, via UPS mail in a hard copy. You may also receive an email reminder. You can use your Access code to vote online during voting week.

LPOA Election Committee

Facebook Events Page

Please follow on our Facebook Events page for more details.

About Elections

2024 Election Timetable

2024 Election Table

View Detailed 2024 Election Timetable

Join Us for 2024 Election Events

March 13, Wednesday

Greet the Candidates Night
7:00 PM at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse

March 27, Wednesday

Candidates Forum Night
7:00 PM at Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse
The Candidates Forum Night is to be video recorded (not live streamed) and made available on the website only.

April 2 - April 8

Online Voting Period
All electronic votes must be submitted by 5:00 PM April 8, 2024.

April 18, Thursday

LPOA Annual Meeting
7:00pm at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse
Candidate results are announced.

Meet the Candidates 2024

Images and Bios coming soon!

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