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Food & Beverage Committee

“FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMMITTEE………shall explore and recommend means to maximize revenue by increasing value to residents, and to decrease the amount of subsidy required to operate the clubhouse amenities.”

Advisory Committee
Lakewood Policy #3 | Committees

Committee Members

    • Chair: Jahala Kinser – 2012
    • Carole Gray – 2010
    • Donna Goodman – 2013
    • Paula Austin – 2023
    • Roberta Minor – 2013
    • Sharon Medley – 2019
    • Sharon Stackelhouse – 2010
    • Virginia Hart – 2010

Have Questions?

To learn more, please contact Jahala Kinser at

Interested in serving on this committee?

Committee work is considered a vital resource to the LPOA and provides an important link to self governance. The committee assists the Board in maintaining and enhancing the property values of its members and promotes the development of a desirable community through projects, programs and services.

Committee Roles & Communication

Food & Beverage in Lakewood includes:

    • Argyle
    • St Andrew’s Pub
    • Lakewood Oaks Banquet Hall
    • Pool Snack Bars

Committee members recognize they are advisory with no role in the operations of the amenity which is designated to the GM and may not supervise, superintendent or director LPOA General Manager/Staff. They recognize they cannot exercise authority in the management of the affairs of the Association.

Needs and suggestions are communicated through minutes, recommendations, Board Liaison and GM. The committee members recognize the Board Liaison serves as an informational facilitator between the board and the committee and is not a voting member of the committee.

Committee Structure & New Member Process

The committee voted to maintain a 7 person membership. The selection process occurs when membership drops below 7. All LPOA resident interest forms throughout the year which show an interest in F&B are collected and kept until an opening occurs.

The committee reviews the collected resident interest forms. Discussion regarding committee needs occurs along with a review of the applicant’s skills, interests, etc. The final candidate is then invited to an informal event to meet with committee members.

Each committee member has the opportunity to talk with the candidate during the event. Following the event, the committee meets to discuss any issues or concerns. After discussion, committee members then vote on acceptance of the candidate.


Meetings occur quarterly at 1:00 PM on the Thursday following the meeting of the Finance Committee so updated financial data is available to the committee. An opportunity for residents to comment at the meeting may occur at 1:00 PM during a 15 minute open session. Following the open comment time, the meeting will be closed for the members of the committee to meet and do their work.

2024 Meetings at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse:

    • Q1 – March 14, 1 PM
    • Q2 – May 16, 1 PM
    • Q3 – July 15, 1 PM
    • Q4 – November 14, 1 PM

Click the Event Calendar anytime to check details.

Committee Goals:

    1. Provide communication and input between members, the GM and the Board of Directors
    2. Recommend improvement suggestions and practices gathered from their own observations or community input to maximize revenue and encourage participation in the amenity
    3. Recommend events and practices requested by residents that could be community positive and cost effective.
    4. Provide input for the evaluation of events and practices regarding their appeal and cost effectiveness
    5. Recommend improvements and options for projects related to the function, management, enhancement and maintenance of the services or face.
    6. Recommend and support the improvement of the aesthetic appeal of the amenity.
    7. Communicate with residents as to the cost effective practices that enhance the revenue bottom line.

Observations from the Committee

Costs for personnel, food, etc have inflated considerably since 2014 and deserve to be acknowledged and factored in the evaluation of the cost of the F&B amenity.

Disruption of the operation such as the Covid shutdown (2019-2022) and building damage (2023) and yearly maintenance repairs, cleaning, renovations, etc. are all factors on revenue generation and also need consideration in the financial reports.

Below reflects the financial progress of actual cost of amenity without any factoring of inflation or disruptions:

2014: $308.600
2022: $175,031
2023: $124,021 (a/010-31-23)

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