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Strategic Vision 2024

The Mission of Lakewood is to maintain and enhance the property values of its members and promote the development of a desirable residential community through projects, programs and services.

In January 2024, Lakewood began the process of creating a long term Strategic Vision, by establishing an Ad Hoc Vision Steering Committee to help oversee the process. The Strategic Vision will help provide guidance to the Board, Committees and Staff for future decisions around finance, facilities, and community culture. The Strategic Vision process is expected to take 6-12 months.

Vision Gratitude
Ad Hoc Steering Committee Members
  • Chair: Debbie Stalnaker
  • Vice Chair: Sean Johnson
  • Secretary: Jen DeMarco
  • Members:
      • Beth Cory
      • Sarah Dau
      • Diana Ewert
      • Sherrie Fields
      • Carole Gray
      • Robert Hagedorn
      • Claudia Lamb
      • Aaron Potter
      • Jamie Wheatley
      • Josh Williams
    • Board Liaison: Jon Snow
    • Staff Liaison: Melanie Adkins, Communications

If you need additional information, please contact Committee Chair Debbie Stalnaker at (816) 699-6569.

2024 Vision Steering Committee Timeline

2024 Vision Steering Committee Timeline

Phase 1 | Discovery Phase

Phase 1 | Discovery Phase

During this phase, the Steering Committee will be working to identify professional consultant(s) to manage and implement the Strategic Planning process. Request For Proposals will be launched to solicit outside Consultant involvement.

March 26, 2024: Applications for Vision Steering Committee Members DUE

April 11, 2024: Vision Steering Committee Members were Ratified by the Board

April 22, 2024: First Vision Steering Committee Meeting – Request for Proposal (RFP) approved

May 8, 2024: RFP for Professional Consultant Search is published publicly online and put out for bid

May 30, 2024: Deadline for RFP Submittals, 5:00 PM

June 3, 2024: Vision Steering Committee Review RFP Submittals

June 17-19, 2024: Proposal Presentations Scheduled for Board/Vision Steering Committee

June 24, 2024: Vision Steering Committee Evaluation of presentations

June 28, 2024: Vision Steering Committee Recommendation to Board

July 11, 2024: Board of Director Meeting to make decisions on how to Proceed

July 12, 2024: Consulting Firms notified of results from BOD decisions

Phase 2 | Committee Planning

If approved by the Board, the Vision Steering Committee will begin to collaborate with the Board and the Consulting Firm(s) to determine budgets, timing, logistics and implementation of how to roll out the Community Outreach process to the community. Dates TBD.

Phase 3 | Community Outreach

This may include, but will not be limited to, a series of Surveys, Workshops, one-on-one interviews with major stakeholders, and more. Feedback audiences may include but are not limited to staff, board, committees, residents, social clubs, and more. Dates TBD.

Phase 4 | Vision Casting

The consultants will work to compile results from community feedback to cast a new vision for the future of Lakewood.

Phase 5 | Strategy Development

Based on the Vision and our existing resources, the consultants will help to prepare a long term strategy.

Phase 6 | Approval & Implementation

We’ll work to gain approval on the Strategy and move forward implementing steps towards Lakewood’s future!

2024 Steering Committee Updates

Follow here to keep up with the progress of the Vision 2024 Strategic Vision. Updates will be kept here, and also under the Press Release section of our website.

Jan 2024 | The Origin of the Vision 2024 Strategic Plan

Board President Debbie Stalnaker presented a proposal to request the launch of a Strategic Vision process.

The Board approved the motion, and directed staff to get quotes from consultants to facilitate a strategic 5-10 year plan for the LHC and LPOA. Motion made by Director Dave Petet, Director Kim Curran second. Carried 7/0.

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